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Let nothing dim the light that shines from within.”                                      – Maya Angelou

This is an empowering directed coaching session to get to the core of what you are all about, what lights you up and where your power comes from. 

"The session with Stacey was efficient, constructive, and so helpful. I’ve been going through a career shift and it really helped me identify the values that are important in my life and towards my goals. This not only helped give rational to the choices I had already made, but also gave me a blueprint of how I can align my future decisions with who I really am and what I truly desire. I think it’s a great session for anyone wanting to gain a bit more clarity about themselves, or helpful for those who feel a bit stuck. I finished feeling more relieved and confident.                      -Danielle Gallegos, M.D.

In this coaching session, we take a deep dive together exploring what you value most, your strengths and desires. We take a look at how this is being honored in your current life and how to build on that in the future to LIVE ON PURPOSE. 
Are you interested in gaining more direction or motivation to transform or improve a part of your life? Would you like to bring more of yourself into your everyday life at home and at work? Are you curious about coaching but not interested in ongoing work? This single 1-1.5 hour coaching session is meant to bring you clarity, direction and momentum. Appropriate resources and additional information will be provided in a follow up email after the session.

The big question is whether you’re going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.”                                      – Joseph Campbell

"It was so amazing working with Stacey during my Core Power Coaching Session.  She was able to really open my eyes to what is important to me in my life and guide me in the next steps of what I need to do to live my best life! I would absolutely recommend Stacey to anyone who is feeling lost to help them find their path again.                     -Carly Bushman M.D.

" I would highly recommend Dr. Funt's coaching session to anyone who is in need for- what I would call, a system reboot. Her warm ,non-judgemental approach made me so comfortable to discuss such personal details of my life. She makes you think and ask yourself tough but important questions tohelp navigate life, something I felt I had not done in a long time since being an adult . Highly recommend her!!"                       -G.Sinha, M.D.

Contact me for further information, a free initial conversation or to schedule an appointment. 

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