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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"                      -Mary Oliver

I really love this quote. It moves me. It reminds me that this is my one life and I am responsible for it.  

What do want most for your one life? What lights you up and makes you feel most alive?


We all are naturally resourceful, creative and whole--designed to live fulfilling lives. Yet, sometimes it doesn't' feel that way. Sometimes, it may feel like we got to where we wanted, but it's not fulfilling. Or, we don't know where we want to go.


It is never really about the experiences or situations themselves. It is our thoughts, feelings and beliefs about our situations that make up the fabric of our lives. Those perceptions lead to how we feel and the actions we take. The good new is that perceptions can shift. 


Whether it is finding more fulfillment and joy, getting unstuck in some area, aligning with our life purpose, taking better care of ourselves, or changing our relationships with our work, others or ourselves, we can often find our path to transformation by deeply connecting to our values and desires, accessing our inner resources and strengths and becoming conscious of how we limit ourselves. This frees us up to step beyond our self imposed boundaries and create the changes we want.  

Sometimes, that is not easy to do on your own and working in partnership 

with a coach can help get you where you want go. This is done through 

inquiry, dialogue and exercises to uncover your deepest values, desires, 

strengths and internal  saboteurs. No one knows you better than yourself. Yet, sometimes we each need to be asked the right questions and given the right tools to clearly see what we really want, what is holding us back, what skills we need to acquire and how to create the changes we long for. Together, we work to move you forward and create the lasting changes that you desire.  While you are ultimately in charge, coaching is a trusted partnership working in collaboration to reach your goals.

I am a Co-Active Coach trained by the Coach Training Institute and a national board certified health and wellness coach. There are many

different types of coaches but a key component of success is the 

personal connection. 

I am not currently offering coaching sessions but if you are looking for a coach, you can contact me for suggestions. 

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge"

                                                     -Tuli Kupferberg

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