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Bringing Self-Care to Healthcare

Some Facts:


  • Americans live shorter lives and experience more injuries and illnesses than people in other high-income countries. Even highly advantaged Americans are in worse health than their counterparts in other, "peer" countries. 1

  • 7 out of 10 deaths among Americans each year are from chronic diseases. 2

  • 86% of our healthcare dollars are spent on the treatment of chronic disease. 3

  • Almost 80% of chronic disease is related to lifestyle behviors. 4

The impact of chronic disease in the USA is devastating with far reaching consequences. And, most of this disease is a direct effect of how we live our lives. The solution lies in creating a new cultural norm of healthy living with effective resources and programs dedicated to providing support at the individual, the societal and the structural levels. We are currently working with numerous physician groups. Let us partner with you to help drive your health and wellness solutions. Contact us for more information. 

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  • >50% of physicians have at least one symptom of burn out and that has increased over 10% from 2011-2014. 5

  • Burn out is associated with increased depression, suicide, addiction, cardiovascular disease and and increase in inflammatory biomarkers.

  • Physician burn out affects patient care, patient safety, and recovery time. 6

  • Physician burn out is associated with increased medical errors.

While many causes of physician burn out are external and need to be addressed at the systems level, there are internal factors that can be aided by self care, boundaries, action steps, stress management, connection to core values and work-life balance.

We are currently working numerous hospital systems on self care and well being for physicians, residents and medical students. 

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