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                                      COACHING RESOURCES

At times, a little guidance or support can be invaluable in determining our life goals, charting a path towards them, or readjusting course if we feel a bit lost. Below are a some of the exercises that I employ within health and life coaching, designed precisely for these intentions.

Feel free to utilize my coaching worksheets for your personal use. However, kindly refrain from employing them with clients, for commercial purposes, or for any form of monetary gain. These materials have been created or adapted by me and are intended solely for individual use. If you find that these materials bring up any personal issues, I recommend consulting with a therapist or licensed professional for support and guidance.

 CIRLCE OF LIFE EXERCISE (a visual exercise to see how balanced you feel your life is right now)

ROADMAP TO SELF CARE (when things feel like they are spiraling down, what can you do to lift yourself back up?)

UNCOVERING LIMITING BELIEFS  (what are some unconscious beliefs that may be limiting you or keeping you from living the life you want?)

BEHAVIOR CHANGE SHEET. (a step by step guide to help you take small steps towards your larger goals and create accountability)

UNCOVERING BLOCKS TO CHANGE   (sometimes we unknowingly have conflicting goals that keep us from getting what we want. This exercise helps to bring them to light and make conscious choice). 

Contact me if you want to share any of your favorites. 

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