Scroll down for links to my favorite cooking websites and blogs, favorite recipes, and resources for stress management, movement and other self care practices. ENJOY!! Contact me if you want to share any of your favorites. 

Recipe Websites



On Elimination Diet



Gluten Free

Here are links to favorite recipe websites. Some are listed for specific food plans although specialty recipes can be found on most. EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT, ENJOY...

Cllck above for a few of the favorite recipes in my home. 

Stress Management

CHOPRA MEDITATIONS and BANGOR UNIVERSITY offer links to free guided meditations and other resources. ABOUT MEDITATION is a great place for beginners to start a practice. MINDFUL MEDITATIONS has free guided meditations as an introduction to mindfulness from UCLA. POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY offers questionnaires to identify character strengths and other personal insights. Some people like to relax while engaging in a creative activity such as COLORING MANADALS. This link offers free mandalas you can print out at home.


Stuck in the midst of stress or anxiety?? Try BREATHING FOR CALM 3 minute recording with an easy exercise to get you out of the "fight or flight" mode and back into a state of calmer relaxation. 

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Physical Activity

If you like the support and direction of class instruction but don't want to venture out to a gym or studio, these are just some examples of websites that  offer online classes you can do in your own home.  "Fitness blender" offers an array of classes with varying legnths of time for free. Most of the others offer a free trial before initiating membership fees. As always, consult with your healthcare provider if you are changing your exercise routine or have a condition that may need special consideration.

Environmental Health

First is a hand out on Simple Tips to Reduce Environmental Toxins in the Home. The remainder of the links are links from the Environmental Working Group. The DIRTY DOZEN lists the produce foods with the highest and lowest levels of pesticides. FOOD ADDITIVES is helpful if you want to investigate food ingredients, SKIN DEEP is a data base to research your personal care items and FOOD SCORES evaluates the safety of specific foods.


Here are some helpful links for additional interests. TED TALKS are 18 minute long free and inspirational talks from visionaries in every field. INST LIFESTYLE MEDICINE is Harvard's institute to promote lifestyle medicine (where I do some of my learning). This is the link to their resource page with a variety of topics. I especially like some of there culinary tips and tools!  If you are interested in meeting new people and trying new activities in your area, MEET UP is a network of local groups with varied interests aimed at improving themselves and their communties. If you like growing your own vegetables, CORNELL UNIVERSITY puts out very helpful information. If you click on RAISED GARDEN BEDS, you will download a document with easy instructions on how I build mine.

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