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I give local and national talks on health and wellness, including; Lifestyle Medicine, The Blue Zones, Finding Your Internal Valium Switch, and Self Care for Busy People for healthcare professionals, medical students, and the general public. Below are a few of my workshops. If you are interested in a talk, you can contact me here. 



NAVIGATING THE JOURNEY. This is an interactive workshop to identify core values and personal strengths. When we use our strengths in alignment with our values, we feel most alive, fulfilled and empowered in our personal and our work lives.  A short online test is given in advance and exercises and discussion are used during the workshop to help students and physicians identify their personal compass for making choices, their strengths to move them forward and ways to maintain balance during the journey of their life. Minimizing burn out is addressed and a coaching exercise for self care is given. 


"The group LOVED your discussion. They said one of the best classes they had. It really touched them and touched core issues that are important for them and they actually started implementing personal changes immediately after. They felt it should be given to everyone in the School, students and residents. They very much appreciated the approach you took, your caring and authenticity and focus on values."

-Raja Jabar, MD Director Wellness and Chronic Illness Center. Stony Brook Medical Center


In this interactive workshop, we discuss stressors at work and create a tool box of skills for self care. We review many strategies for stress reduction including quick and easy mindfulness techniques and ways to get out of our heads and into our bodies. We look at how our thoughts affect our feelings and the impact of self-compassion. Each attendant is invited to participate in a coaching exercise to support their unique situation and goals. 

It was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!!! Dr. Funt did a fantastic job of getting all 35 attendees connected and engaged! Her warmth, authenticity, and kindness came shining through! She built trust right away and that allowed people to share their feelings and experiences more openly. She is genuine, compassionate, and supportive. She demonstrated not only her depth of knowledge and understanding, but also her passion for self-care techniques and presented it all in a very interesting way.

Stacey was a great guide on the journey about how to apply the techniques she discussed. She took us step-by-step through how we could incorporate various methods and how each person/individual could modify them to their own unique needs or situation. Stacey equipped everyone with plenty of tools and strategies to calm themselves, to care for themselves, to cope better, and to realize that "good enough" really is OK right now.

-Rosemarie P. Cann, BS, RDMS, RDCS, CME Coordinator. 

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