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Dr. Stacey Funt is a practicing radiologist and nationally board certified health & wellness coach. Dr. Funt received a BA in psychology from Emory University and her medical degree from New York University School of Medicine. As a radiologist specializing in abdominal imaging, cancer care and radiation safety, she lectured extensively on reducing exposure to environmental toxins and initiated numerous public health and prevention programs in collaboration with physicians and administrators. Dr. Funt expanded her studies to health coaching and Lifestyle Medicine (using lifestyle changes such as nutrition, stress management, physical activity, proper sleep and healthy relationships to create optimal health). Dr. Funt saw first hand how self care transformed her life. She now works with physicians, physicians in training, and the general public to promote well being. The journey has exceeded her expectations and clearly demonstrates the power we all have to live with greater health, joy and authenticity with self care.

Dr. Funt is the founder of Lifestyle Health LLC, and a clinical instructor in lifestyle medicine and health coaching at Stony Brook University Medical Center Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine. She is honored to share her knowledge, skills and enthusiasm with others as an educator, consultant and coach.


  • Emory University:                                                

        BA Psychology

  • New York University School Of Medicine:    

        MD Degree

  • Mount Sinai Medical Center:                              

        Diagnostic Radiology Residency

  • New York University Medical Center:            

        Body Imaging Fellowship

Lifestyle Medicine Learning:                            

  • Institute for Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard

  • American College of Lifestyle Medicine

  • Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital

Health Coaching:                                                  

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition 



  • Multiple scientific publications from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in peer reviewed medical journals (avaiable upon request).

  • "Avoiding Occupational Hazards: Tips for the Radiologist to Stay Healthy", "Managing Sleep on Overnight Shifts",   "Increase Your Productivity-take more breaks", "Am I Burned Out?" Published at AuntMinnie.com.  




  • Ongoing workshops  on self care for physicians and other healthcare providers, students and community members .  (see workshops section), Speaker at national and local physician conferences on self care and burn out prevention.



  • Multiple radio interviews, grand rounds lectures to physicians and community talks on the health impact of environmental toxins and how to minimize exposure in the home.

  • Multiple academic and community talks on reducing ionzing radiation in medical imaging, radiation safety and patient engagement.