Hi and welcome. My name is Stacey Funt. I am a part time practicing 

physician, a lifestyle medicine educator, a national board certified 

health and wellness coach, and a mom to boy/girl teen twins. I passionately believe that self care belongs in healthcare for patients, physicians and other healthcare providers. And so, I create workshops, amazing adventurous retreats, and coach physicians to support authentic and value based living, with self care at the core. 


I was trained, as medical students are, to believe that the best physicians gave all they had to being a doctor. And with that, deep satisfaction in life would be the reward. There are many things about my field (radiology) that I love but healthcare changed and technology transformed my role in medicine. After my hospital system, where I worked for ten years and was very engrained in teaching and the community, outsourced our department to a corporation, I did not want to work for, I switched jobs. There, my experience as a physician changed in many respects. I found that I was not living the life I imagined and was far from feeling satisfied. Actually, I became miserable. More than my experiences, it was my thoughts and feelings about those experiences that affected the quality of my life so deeply. I became depressed, stopped taking care of myself and ultimately, got sick. I felt completely stuck. But, we all have the ability to be resilient and resourceful. With the support of family and friends, I realized that I had to develop a new way of looking at myself, my work, and my life. I had to make some changes.


I was a psychology major at Emory University and always leaned towards wellness and personal development. I loved to connect with others and affect change so while still working as a radiologist, I decided to enroll in a one year health coaching program. I started to look at how I defined myself and what I valued most. Besides being a doctor, wife and a mom, I was also creative and project oriented, an adventurer, deeply inspired by nature, a seeker, desired meaningful human connection and loved to hike and travel the globe. I realized that I did not want to leave medicine. But, I was longing to feel whole and authentic.  


I started to take care of myself and speak to myself very differently. I learned new skills and got credentialed as a national board certified health and wellness coach. I then found out about Lifestyle Medicine and continued to study. I was so surprised to learn how much science there was documented 

the impact of self care on health that was not part of my medical training. I learned about positive psychology, new ways to manage stress and anxiety, metacognition, cooking and how I wanted to feed myself and my family, and ways to use my time that were more in alignment with my goals.


I began giving grand rounds and resident workshops all over New York to share information and insights I thought were so valuable for doctors to know yet were not a part of our training. During one lecture, a gynecologistscommented there was no way she could do most of what she was suggesting to her patients. She was so overwhelmed with the demands of her practice and her children that there was absolutely no time left for her life. She was desperate for help but no support existed. That was when I shifted my focus to physician self care. 


I now give local and national talks and workshops to attendings, residents and medical students on self care topics and coach people who want to make changes in their lives. Then, another shift started to happen. My kids entered high school and did not need me in the way they used to. More space opened up. I had been planning adventures all over the planet for decades by myself, with friends and with my family. So, I decided to bring these other passions into my work and create Retreats for Women Physicians in magnificent, natural settings to move, connect and support self care. These are trips designed in a way that I would love to go on them!  


I now have a multi-faceted career aligned with what I value where I can express different aspects of myself and tap into my unique strengths 

and skills. For me, I did not have to leave medicine to find joy again. But, I did have to take care of myself differently and align my life more with what I valued most. It gives me immense joy and satisfaction to share my work with others.  

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