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Below are testimonials from workshops for physicians, the general community and private coaching. 



"Dr Funt is an excellent, engaging and reflective educator.  Her workshop is very interactive. She uses foundational concepts of value and purpose, so the material becomes personal and meaningful. She continually refines and enriches her presentations and I myself continue to enjoy and benefit from her workshops."

-Dr. Raja Jaber. Director Wellness and Chronic Illness Center.

​Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine. Stony Brook Medical Center. 


"This was a great lecture! You are very enthusiastic and informative. I will absolutely use this information with my patients and in my own life."

-Dr, Theresa Mastronardi, Family Practice, NY


"Excellent and much needed!"

-Dr. Peter Judge, Gynecologist, NY


"It was a great lecture about something that is vital to eveyone's life. I will use this information with my patients."

-Dr, Lazzarus Santiago, Family Practice NY


"Thank you for taking the time to speak to Southampton Hospital about the many benefits of Lifestyle Medicine. I felt that your remarks on the importance of encouraging patients to incorporate lifestyle medicine into their daily routine were timely and exciting. I look forward to practicing these ideas as a future physician and contributing to the collective effort of reducing disease risk and illness burden in the United States. Thank you again for a memorable lecture."

-Cassandre Voltaire, Third Year Medical Student, Nova Southeastern School of Osteopathic Medicine, Fla.


"Lecture was well organized, insightful and entertaining. Dr. Funt is a natural and her passion for changing lives translates well in this presentation."

-Family Practice Medical Resident, South Nassau Communities Hospital


"Excellent lecture, good information for all physicians, especially the nutrition part."

-Dr. Sergio Suarez, Family Practice, NY

The following are official CME evaluation comments from monkey survey of Attendings, residents and medical students after grand rounds presentations:


-"I really thought Dr. Funt’s lecture on Physician Burnout was relevant and extremely important. I really appreciated how she not only provided education on burn out, but also offered ways to cope with and prevent it. Dr. Funt was engaging and overall I thought her lecture was really great. I hope to have the opportunity to hear her speak again! "

-" This has definitely been one of my favorite lectures so far this year. I thought the information was very relevant and I really appreciated the activity we did together at the end. Looking forward to future lectures by Dr Funt."

-" It was a great lecture!  Mental health is also important to physicians."

-"Great lecture. Often overlooked, but really important topic in residency." 


-"Excellent lecture and very relevant. I LOVED the exercise at the end! Thank you for not only lecturing but actively encouraging the audience." 


-"Very good info on the statistics of burnout and how to improve our life. Enjoyed the breakout session at the end and making us accountable."

-"Very good, helps resident physicians know they aren’t alone. We all face the same stresses and problems."


-"Love love loved the talk. I enjoyed it when she came last time as well. She is a great speaker, very passionate. Her slides are clear and flow well." 


-"It was nice hearing a lecture about things we experience on a daily basis and ways to try and mitigate the situation. Unfortunately, for some of us, the only way to achieve our goals is to leave for a different, more conducive environment. I really liked the statistics you included in your presentation. It made me feel like I wasn't the only one experience this."




"Dr Funt gave an informative and interesting talk on stress management for our patients. Her style of speaking is entertaining, educational and inspiring.  We loved having her and got amazing feedback from our patients who have been able to institute some of  her techniques.  Her talk included real life examples and even websites to help overcome the hurdles to stress and anxiety in our already overextended lives.  

-Margaret Peliteri, MD  Internal Medicine Practice at Ochsner Health System, New Orleans  


""Dr. Stacey Funt has presented two programs at our public library - "Making Your Life a Blue Zone" and "Going Gluten Free 101". For both, her audience was interested and engaged, and provided unanimously positive feedback. Dr. Funt is a personable and knowledgeable speaker with excellent communication skills. Her powerpoint presentation was chock full of interesting and important information. I highly recommend her and will certainly invite her back." 

-Lisa Gulino, Adult Reference Librarian & Programming Coordinator, Huntington Public Library


"Dr Funt spoke to my firm’s Womens Group and was a huge success – she brings a wealth of knowledge, weaving in medical facts, practical applications and personal experience.  She is a very engaging speaker and made everyone realize that they were capable of making very beneficial changes in their lives! 

-Lisa J. Kiell, Vice Chairman, Jones Lang LaSalle, NYC

"I recently had the opportunity to attend one of Dr. Stacey Funt’s workshops on "Self-Care for Busy Women".  Not only was it one of the most well-articulated discussions on the benefits of healthy lifestyle behaviors, but her ability to tie together what we see happening with health trends in this country and the everyday choices we make was fascinating.  Stacey’s training as an M.D., as well as, her training in integrative nutrition is a winning combination.  I’m really looking forward to her next workshop!

-Wendy Wattenberg, NYC


"Informative, Interesting and Inspiring. I enjoyed it very much!! I liked all the topics and would have liked it to last longer"

-Nancy Anzalone  Malloy College. Rockville Center, NY


"Excellent! Informative! Interesting, valuable and encouraging!  You strengthened my intent to continue and improve all the good things I've been doing for myself."

-Dale Kimball, Bayshore YMCA, NY 


"I loved that you covered so many topics and made it sound doable. Your energy and passion come through which is great for group presentations."

-Kathy, Bayshore NY


"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for this subject. It's infectious!. I specially liked the resources and simple ideas for how to make healthy choices."

Cindy, Huntington, NY



It was so amazing working with Stacey during my core power coaching session.  She was able to really open my eyes to what is important to me in my life and guide me in the next steps of what I need to do to live my best life! I would absolutely recommend Stacey to anyone who is feeling lost to help them find their path again."

-Carly Bushman MD

“Stacey is a compassionate coach who approaches each client in a holistic sense. Each person’s journey has a different historical perspective and therefore coaching is not a one size fits all. Stacey was very adaptive to my individual needs and we set steps to move toward my own delineated goals which emerged from our discussions. Very professional and timely -- I would highly recommend Stacey for coaching."

-Alyssa Katz, Esq.  Connecticut

-"Stacey is a coach, mentor and guide. She creates a judgement free zone that guides you to your "Aha" moments. Stacey has opened my eyes and given me the tools to treat myself like royalty. Thank you Stacey! "- L. Wright, NYC


"Lifestyle Health has helped me to balance my life. I expected to lose a few pounds but am thrilled to have accomplished so much more. Dr. Stacey Funt’s reassuring approach has taught me to be mindful - not only in nutrition but in mind and body. Since beginning my journey with Lifestyle Health, I’ve lost 20 pounds. However, more importantly, with Dr. Funt’s assistance, I have established healthy habits and a substantial healthy living "tool-kit" from which to rely on. I would highly recommend this program to anyone."

-Sherry, Town of Huntington Resident, NY

"I was skeptical that I could make significant changes, but with Stacey’s support and encouragement, I did!  I accept myself as I am most of the time and realize that I don't need to beat myself up or be "perfect.”   Stacey's positive attitude is contagious and her continued support and guidance has been instrumental in helping me to reach my goals." 

-Alice, NYC 




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